Personal Training

Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Run Coach.

Working to support you reaching your fitness goals and enjoy the view along the way.

Whether that’s getting stronger, moving better, running well, or learning to enjoy the process. I aim to give you the tools be successful and become empowered to take yourself further than you thought possible.

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Exercise Classes

Workouts and yoga to supplement your training. Join my Facebook group for FREE access to live streamed and on demand classes.

Team Revive Running & Fitness Community.

Online Coaching

Training plans, workouts, nutrition advice and regular check-ins all delivered online so you can workout in your own time at your own place.

Please enquire via contact form.

Personal Training

All the benefits of online coaching plus weekly one to one training sessions* where I take you through the workout.

*Currently being delivered via Zoom.

Please enquire via contact form.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Deadlifts
    Why runners (and everyone) should learn to love them. Talking through a few thoughts about the benefits of including deadlifts in your training. Plus, basics of how to do them and a couple of variations to try.
  • Benefits of Yoga for Runners
    Benefits of yoga for runners… and everyone else! Strength: yoga strengthens legs, upper body, core, back and will help with smaller stabilising muscles that can be neglected by running alone but will help keep you moving well. Balance: single leg standing poses help to strengthen feet, ankles and hips that will keep you upright. Flexibility:…
  • How Relaxed Are You When You Run?
    Something to think about next time your out for a run. When it starts to get harder do you tense up? That tension in the body can mean we end up using more effort than we need to. Take a moment to breathe and try relaxing muscles in the jaw, neck, shoulders, shake out the…

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