NEW BodyCombat Class

A week late owing to being snowed in at the start of the month, yesterday I took on a new BodyCombat class at Leys Pool Leisure Centre.  This is a great next step for me as instructor, having two regular BC classes a week and with different groups of people can only help to strengthen and develop my coaching skills (and fitness level!).

 I was full of nervous excitement beforehand and that energy helped me deliver what felt, to me, like a great class.  There was a decent turnout which was nice to see, hopefully that will continue, some positive feedback at the end and a few people were even willing to join me in a sweaty photo!

 Come and join us….!  Thursday at 6pm, pay as you go options are available at this gym (click to see their website for details).  I also teach the double of BodyPump and BodyBalance there on alternate Saturdays at 9am and 10am if that’s more your thing.


“Stay with the fight!”


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