BodyCombat 81

What a release!  I loved 79 and 80, the choreography and music were really well put together, and participants said they loved the greater emphasis on aerobic conditioning and getting the heart rate right up in track two.  81 continues in the same way and more so… moving right across the floor within the first minute of the upper body warm up, decoys AND jump kicks in track two.  The strength work is there too with roundhouse knee side kick combination, drop squats and evasive side kicks in track four and bear crawls and plank jack to press up combination in track five.  As an instructor the music can sometimes be off-putting when listening for the first time through without yet knowing the feel with the moves (occasional screechy dubstep track that’s fine as part of a workout but wouldn’t ever make it into any other playlist) but this time I quite enjoyed the listening part of the learning process and in those moments when you manage to nail the timing and the kick… pure joy.  

Come and sweat Combat with me: Mondays 17:10 at David Lloyd Oxford, Thursdays 18:00 at Leys Leisure Centre.

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