BodyPump 111

BodyPump “Triple one” is a strong release. The playlist has all the expected energy shifts in all the right places, a sing-a-long warm up track into a high energy squat track, maintaining the pace through chest into a ‘heavy’ back track track. Singing again through track five to help distract from the seemingly endless reps of tricep training into biceps, which as a 7 count instead of 8 count still has me thinking my way through it but, simple and effective. Lunges track is probably the most forgettable muscially but works well and takes us nicely into a shoulders track with a solid beat and an abs track with a nice flow into the cool down.

On top of that there are some nice new moves to play with in this workout. Squat to calf raise in track two – who ever normally trains calves? Great to see this included as focusing on those smaller muscles should help improve squats and the tempo in that section with the full range movement really helps get the heart rate up. Also having fewer reps with the bar gives potential for increasing weight. Walking push ups back in and again at tempo keeping the momentum going. My favourite track this time is the back track with the low pull, high pull, clean and press combination. The high pull has been in the past couple of releases but the low pull is new and they way it builds through to the clean and press helps focus in on technique and feels really good with the beat. Nothing new in triceps, just a challenging sequence of single arm kickbacks into tricep dips with one sore arm. Biceps pretty standard (apart from timing issues for me!) but feels shorter so one to try going heavier on. For lunges we’re back to working from the step which really helps with range of movement but this time we also have sideways squat with one foot off the step, interesting, again simple but effective. Nothing brand new for the shoulders track but we do go back to one of my absolute favourite Pump moves – the mac raise – it just feels so good, especially with that heavy beat. Abs track is fairly standard but does the job nicely, a few crunches, some hip bridges, everyone dead on the floor at the end ready for the cool down.

BodyPump with me Mondays 18:15 at David Lloyd Oxford.

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