Body Balance 86

I seem to find it takes longer to decide what to make of Body Balance releases compared to the others but overall I really like this one and I think it will be one I come back to in future. Musically this one is different as it includes two non-vocal tracks for T7 Core-Back and T8 Twists. Some feedback I had from a fairly new participant was that this helped them to focus more inwardly and concentrate on their body which was appreciated. Apart from T6 Core-Abs which is a peak of sing-along energy all the tracks are quite mellow and give plenty of space to breath and enjoy the choreography.

One track I’m not so keen on this time is T2 Sun Salutations as it’s quite fast tempo which combined with a short sequence of forward fold to plank which, as my flexibility isn’t amazing, I find quite awkward but it does do the job of getting us warm and ready for the rest of the flow. T1 Tai Chi warm up is a lovely simple sequence. The Standing Strength in T3 is challenging but flows really nicely. A short, simple T4 Balance sequence set to a musical peak of ‘Shallow’ Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from ‘A Star is Born’. Two tracks for hips again. The first T5a includes dancers pose which a standing balance pose but also a hip opener and backbend and it’s nice to have that different feel to the energy and flow of that part of the class rewarded by a really gentle, passive T5b in wide childs pose and frog and… that’s it. Groans at the end of T6 Core-Abs every single time so you know it’s hitting the spot but (thankfully) only three minutes of work! More backbends in T7 Core-Back with camel and bow plus a new move the ‘waiters bow’, a kneeling hip hinge with arms overhead, which is harder than it looks but feels good and strong. The energy in T8 Twists is fairly active compared to some sequences starting with an intense pose twist but at least that helps us stay warm. Winding right down T9 is simple flow from seated hamstring stretches and folds to supine stretches and we’re in to the reward for all the hard work… T10 relaxation and meditation.

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