Exercise is for LIFE

Not just for January.

Not just for the post-Christmas weight loss. Not just for bigger biceps. Not just for Parkrun PBs. Not just the #crushedmyworkout Insta-selfie. Although all those things are great.

Exercise is about keeping your body active which can help strengthen bones, strengthen muscles, burn fat, boost mood, reduce stress, improve memory, improve sleep, boost energy and all these benefits help to improve the quality of the of your life. Regular exercise can even help you live longer.

If you had new year resolutions to be more active and have struggled to maintain enthusiasm for it. That’s ok. It’s really hard to change habits. But it is worth the effort and a new month, new week, new day gives new chances. Keep going. Focusing on small activities that you can do often is a great way to get started and can create momentum for bigger changes. If you want advice, ideas or support with this leave a comment, let me help!

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