Sunday Breakfast

Fuel for the long run.

During the week I usually prefer savoury breakfasts but on Sundays, before my longer run, I’ll have porridge instead as I’ve learned that the higher carbohydrate and lower fat ratio seems to keep me going for longer before I start to feel hungry again.

When we exercise for extended periods, such as in a long run over 90 minutes to two hours or more, the body is focusing on keeping you moving and digestion can be affected. Even the most robust constitution can end up suffering so it is worth experimenting with different food options to see what works for you as every body is different. You want to feel energised and be able to focus on the running.

The go to recipe for me at the moment is a cacao & almond porridge mix with extra oats to bulk out. Typically blended with water but sometimes soya or oat milk (my gut doesn’t enjoy cows milk). Today I also added frozen berries, banana, and some maple syrup but you could also try nut butter, jam, yoghurt.

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