Benefits of Yoga for Runners

Benefits of yoga for runners… and everyone else!

Strength: yoga strengthens legs, upper body, core, back and will help with smaller stabilising muscles that can be neglected by running alone but will help keep you moving well.

Balance: single leg standing poses help to strengthen feet, ankles and hips that will keep you upright.

Flexibility: stretching out stiff muscles relieves tension and helps restore freedom of movement in the body.

Breathing: learning to maintain an even breath during yoga, especially in the more challenging poses, can carry over into more relaxed breathing when running which can in turn help performance. See my previous post on this.

Stress relief: high intensity or long endurance efforts cause stress to the body and to the nervous system, in order to gain the most benefit from those efforts recovery is really important, a well sequenced yoga practice can help promote recovery by calming the nervous system through the slower movement and even breath.

Remember it doesn’t matter how flexible you are! All poses can be adapted to be accessible and it’s through a regular practice that change is possible.

Opportunities to practice with me:
Friday @ 7am, Vinyasa Flow (45mins)
Sunday @ 5:30pm, BodyBalance (55mins)

Use the contact page to request joining information.

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