Movement Quality Matters

How often do you spend time thinking about or working on the quality of your movement? Do you ever choose a different option for an exercise to be able to do it really well or hustle through perhaps sacrificing quality for intensity?⠀

There are often choices to be made between intensity and quality of movement but working on the second one might just help with the first whatever your goals are. This might be, learning good form for push ups, even if that means working from the knees sometimes or propping the heels in a low squat to keep the chest lifted and shoulders down. Even small adjustments to improve the quality of a movement will help emphasise more of the right muscle groups. Over time, with regular practice, that will help you get stronger, have more confidence in your workouts, and help you get more out of them. ⠀

This is relevant however you choose to move. Particularly a focus in something like yoga, where we have the option of using blocks and props to help support our bodies to open up rather than fighting to hold a position, but also relevant in weight training or a BodyPump workout where improved technique will help our ability to lift heavier. It also feels ‘better’ and more effective when movement is done well. ⠀

It can be a difficult practice to be honest with ourselves about where we are and what’s going to be the most effective option on a given day. And everybody’s body is different so what works for someone else might not be helpful for you. Stay focused on what you can do WELL. Keep working to the best of your ability. Test out the harder options for a couple of reps. The more frequently and consistently you do this the more likely you are to make progress. Get advice and feedback from a PT/coach if you aren’t sure how to progress.⠀

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